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Drawings 69-79

Drawings 69-71 are whats left of my machines. Drawings 72 onwards are concentrating on life forms.

Machine final form

Once again I have done the final form before completing my 101 sketches. But know I can concentrate on creating my last final form, which is life form. Below are the turnarounds of the machine form which is thumbnail 49. I chose this one as I feel that this machine could be a bad guy or a good guy, and he would also fit in nicely with the wasteland structure.

Structure final form

I know I have still got to finish my 101 sketches, I thought I would start on the final forms. Well when I said start I actually managed to finish some. So bellow are my structure final forms.  I chose design 38, as it looked the most interesting in my mind. And I felt I could really play around with the design and colors to get a different effect.
When looking at the front view of my drawing, it reminded me of something that you would find in a wasteland in years to come. With that I used colors to give the effect of rested metal, and dirty glass.
When doing the side view I thought about what would the structure be for. And because it has a tunnel going through the middle that it could become a bridge over a canyon..

Instead of doing another side or back view, which would of been the same or similar  I did the top of the structure.

Drawings 60-68

Few more Sketches of machines

Drawings 51-59


Drawings 42-50

So here are the start of my machine set of drawings. Just under half way there and hoping I will get all of my pictures done in time as I have been very busy with work.
I'm really liking number 49 as I feel I could really develop the design even more than what I have drawn.  

Drawings 38-41

Here is my last structure drawings. 

Drawings 30-37

Next set of drawings. As you can see they are based on natural structures. Only a few left on structures then on to machines. I feel like machines will get on easier with as there are so many different machines out there to get inspiration from. So I am looking forward to drawing them. 

Drawings 20-29

Here is my next set of drawings that I finished a few days ago. 
I still don't really have a favorite one yet but I still have 12 more drawings to create before I need to decide which one to develop. I feel I have drawn to many buildings rather than structures as that was what first come to mind when thinking about the this part of the project. So for the next set of drawings, I want to draw a wider range of structures such as natural and shell,

Drawings 12-19

Here are a few sketches that I created today. I decided to start with structural ones first as it has been a while since I've drawn and want to get them up to scratch again. I have included some natural structures as will as things like buildings.
I hope to continue with the natural structures as I would like there to be range of structures in my work.
The sketches I have created are probably a bit bigger then thumb nails. But I can now scale them down when I create more sketches.
Sorry about picture quality.  Still haven't got a scanner yet.

Summer project: concept drawings 1-11

For the summer project we have to create 101 concept drawings of a group of a objects. While putimg them into 3 categories, structure, life forms and machines. Then develop 3 of them, but I'll get to that bit later. I am using a sketch book for this project as my computer has yet to arrive as well as my scanner. So will be uploading photos and posts by phone. So this is the first set of  concept drawings I have created. I decided that in order to get some inspiration for shapes started creating silhouettes of the objects, by tracing and drawing the objects. I've also started to merge some of the objects together (10&11). I really want to merge more objects together and playing around with proportion to create more ideas. I will now start to create slightly more detailed drawings in one of the categories that I mentioned above.

New Blog New Couse!

Hi Guys

So this is the start of my animation/ cg arts blog for uni. Very excited and can't wait to start the course!
I will be starting this blog off with my summer project, and will be keeping this posted with my work that I create.