Drawings 30-37

Next set of drawings.
As you can see they are based on natural structures. Only a few left on structures then on to machines. I feel like machines will get on easier with as there are so many different machines out there to get inspiration from. So I am looking forward to drawing them. 


  1. Hey Hannah, just dropping by to nudge you back on brief, as you're meant to be using the objects on the two sheets from which to create all your ideas, as opposed to looking at references beyond them. If you're running low on inspiration (and it certainly happens), think about turning some of the objects into silhouettes and combining them that way, as a number of your classmates have done, or indeed tracing their outlines and then combining/duplicating those. You'll quickly find that whole new seams of inspiration open up in front of you :)

    1. Ah thanks! I was getting a bit confused and frustrated with my ideas as i couldn't really think of anything


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