Orthographic; Back

Back half of my character. Front and side to come.

Colout designs 3

Final 3, decided to go with the two tone hair, as its has a bit more stylr to it then the flat colours. I still prefer the second concept with the red top and black boots. Even though the yellow top stands out more.

Colour Designs 2

So looked at the feed back I got at the designs and put up as finalists. I think im leaning towards concept 3 with the hair from 4, I also do like the all black clothes on concept 1. But still not sure

I will work on the patch desings once picked a final look for my design

Colour designs

So here are some more colour concepts. I've tried to keep them as close as possable to what kinda clothes I wear, and also hair colour I have had in the past. I have left the patches blank at the moment as I'm unsure on how to fill them. Do I actually uses the patches that I have on my jacket or should i just make them block colours to fit the design.

Not sure which one is the best so would love some feed back :)

Colour designs; Work in Progress

So looking at what kinda colours to colour my design, at the moment I'm just basing it stuff that I wear daily. But not sure what other colours to try.
 I really like the effect of the denim looks against the rest of the design and makes the battle jacket stand out.

Clean up Drawings

So I took the original drawings I had and have given them a massive clean up and will start looking into colour next and start doing turn arounds to take into maya. This is the 3D concept of myself as I do also want a 2D version too, which will prob look very similar to the original verson of me. Due me wanting to do 2D animation too, I will keep it quite simple to make it easier fot myself