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Head Modeling... Part 4

So still need to figure out the hair, but in the mean time. I was advised to start on some glasses and to put on a texture so I could then find out if my model looks okay and what needs editing.

The images above are the out come with the texture on. At the moment my model looks slightly angry... I did go back into the texture and move the eyes and the eyebrows slightly so thet would bend better on the model. But I might have to make some tweeks to the designs and make the eyebrows more cerved. I still have got to do the final 2D expressons so they are then ready to go on when rigging. At the moment I have just used the expressions I made, and popped them on the texture map.

Head Model...Part 3

So I now have a neck and stared sculpting the hair. I've just started with a basic shape for the hair as I didn't wanna complicate to quickly. But know I have the shape I can start to mold it into the hair that I've desinged

Head Model... Part 2!

So got ears and a nose now! Starting to take shape. Next step hair and glasses!

Head and ear Modeling

So started modeling the head and the one thing I was a bit concerned about how to do ears... as I've not ever done them before... So I looked at some tutorials on youtube, where I started off with a cube and then manipulated it into an ear. Don't think it looks too bad to be honest, I would prob want it slightly more simple... but I see how it looks when I have got some hair and glasses on.
I'm also hoping the rest of the mesh looks okay, I know its not mirrored right at the moment as some of the points at the back gather up, but its just to see if it looks okay.

Maya Help please

So opened up maya 2018 for the first time on my pc ...and for some reason I cant move anything

I have updated it and restarted my computer, will try to reset the preferences again to see if this works
Any help would be great

NCloth intro Flags

Started learning about Ncloth, which is to turn mesh into fabrics and add some animation. Applied this to the Flags to make them look like they are blowing in the wind

Arnold render wouldn't render this scene, so I just screen shoted it instead

Interim Crit 24/11/17

Interim Crit by Hannah Bob Kubias on Scribd

Even though the second intervew isn't animated, I really enjoy listening to Kurt Cobains interview. I feel I can connect with him. And you can feel how real this interview is, it's not edited, so he tells it how it is, just a raw interview.

Character Expressions

Here are some expressons I have created for my character. I also created some mouth shapes, so that I can do the lip sync
Expressions #1

Orthographics Finished!

Here are my finished orthographics, even they took for ever to do, I can now move on to the next step in my project.

Will work on the mouth and eye shapes for my model and, and will try and get a model of the head started by the end of the week.

I'm also loving how the boots turned out!!!

Orthographic; Side


Orthographic; Front


Orthographic; Back

Back half of my character. Front and side to come.

Colout designs 3

Final 3, decided to go with the two tone hair, as its has a bit more stylr to it then the flat colours. I still prefer the second concept with the red top and black boots. Even though the yellow top stands out more.

Colour Designs 2

So looked at the feed back I got at the designs and put up as finalists. I think im leaning towards concept 3 with the hair from 4, I also do like the all black clothes on concept 1. But still not sure

I will work on the patch desings once picked a final look for my design

Colour designs

So here are some more colour concepts. I've tried to keep them as close as possable to what kinda clothes I wear, and also hair colour I have had in the past. I have left the patches blank at the moment as I'm unsure on how to fill them. Do I actually uses the patches that I have on my jacket or should i just make them block colours to fit the design.

Not sure which one is the best so would love some feed back :)

Colour designs; Work in Progress

So looking at what kinda colours to colour my design, at the moment I'm just basing it stuff that I wear daily. But not sure what other colours to try.
 I really like the effect of the denim looks against the rest of the design and makes the battle jacket stand out.

Clean up Drawings

So I took the original drawings I had and have given them a massive clean up and will start looking into colour next and start doing turn arounds to take into maya. This is the 3D concept of myself as I do also want a 2D version too, which will prob look very similar to the original verson of me. Due me wanting to do 2D animation too, I will keep it quite simple to make it easier fot myself

Heads turn arounds

Been workinig on how I want the other side of the head to look and also thinking about my characters turn around so I can prepare for maya

Maya: Stand Ins's



So I have been working on the hands for my character. I was gonna do four fingers on the hands to make it more cartoony, and hoping it would be easier to draw.  But when thinking of it, you aren't really able to do the 'horns' hand gesture with four fingers. 

Body Concepts

Some body concepts. Really rough, please forgive that there is no hands on some of them.

So in the end I chose this body, there was something about it and looked better than the others. And from this this will be like the style that I will be going for in this project.
Still a really rough one, i will work on cleaning it up and also creating a Bad Ass version of it.