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Colour designs

So here are some more colour concepts. I've tried to keep them as close as possable to what kinda clothes I wear, and also hair colour I have had in the past. I have left the patches blank at the moment as I'm unsure on how to fill them. Do I actually uses the patches that I have on my jacket or should i just make them block colours to fit the design.

Not sure which one is the best so would love some feed back :)

Colour designs; Work in Progress

So looking at what kinda colours to colour my design, at the moment I'm just basing it stuff that I wear daily. But not sure what other colours to try.
 I really like the effect of the denim looks against the rest of the design and makes the battle jacket stand out.

Clean up Drawings

So I took the original drawings I had and have given them a massive clean up and will start looking into colour next and start doing turn arounds to take into maya. This is the 3D concept of myself as I do also want a 2D version too, which will prob look very similar to the original verson of me. Due me wanting to do 2D animation too, I will keep it quite simple to make it easier fot myself

Heads turn arounds

Been workinig on how I want the other side of the head to look and also thinking about my characters turn around so I can prepare for maya

Maya: Stand Ins's



So I have been working on the hands for my character. I was gonna do four fingers on the hands to make it more cartoony, and hoping it would be easier to draw.  But when thinking of it, you aren't really able to do the 'horns' hand gesture with four fingers. 

Body Concepts

Some body concepts. Really rough, please forgive that there is no hands on some of them.

So in the end I chose this body, there was something about it and looked better than the others. And from this this will be like the style that I will be going for in this project.
Still a really rough one, i will work on cleaning it up and also creating a Bad Ass version of it.

Head Concepts

So I was given some drawing challenges to complete. As I will be the main part of the animation I of course must create a character for my self.  

I first started to draw a more realistic version of myself, and after going to Phil and talking to him, he wanted it to be more cute and simple... So off I went

So even though there are some really horrible ones... and even a few where I started drawing and instantly stoped because the shape of the nose wasn't right.
I did manage to find one though...

When I first started these, I was really struggling as I couldn't get what I was picturing out. So I would get fustrated. But after talking to Phil I was able to turn out quite a few different ideas

The Battle Jacket

I have done a piece of creative writing to start getting ideas flowing, about my battle jacket. What it means to me, and also looked at the relationship I have with it.

 Battle Jacket

The rock and metal community are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Festivals and gigs are the obvious place to find us. Our battle jackets are like a piece of armor that identifies us as part of that army. It’s like a football fan wearing their team colours. We’re like an army of warriors – it’s us against the world!

My battle jacket is a black denim waist coat with silver buttons down the front and on the chest pockets. Each patch on my jacket is a band who’s influenced my taste in music.

When I wear my jacket, I’m part of something. I may get some strange looks, but this is like someone wearing their Michael Kors handbag or Gucci.

My battle jacket was only born this year – so it’s only at the start of its life.  I started seeing them at festivals and it made me want to design by own. Everyone loo…

Proposal for Minor/ Major

So over the last few weeks, I have been working on bits for my minor/ major project (which shall be posted shortly).
My project will be based on my relationship with music, and will hopefully be made into a interview style animation, where myself will be interviewed.
The whole idea come from how I spoke about rock/ metal and the festival and gigs I attend, how we are a big family. Phil also loved the idea of my battle jacket, and thought it would be interesting to use this in my project. 

What I love about the rock/ metal community, especially at festivals (like Download fest), we are all friends, almost family. Each year I meet new people from all walks of life, and we come together to celebrate music

I've seen these videos from StoryCorps and also Blank on Blank which will have influence on my project. As I will animate over the top of my interview.

I actually really like the Kurt Cobain, and a few other of the Blank and Blank who interview music artists, as they will use the mu…

Maya 2018: Shapes and Arnold Surface SSS part 2

So I had my first look at Maya 2018! Went through some of the AiStandard shaders, had a go with a few of the preset shaders to see how they would come out.

We also went back to the Old guy model and looked at putting the skin texture on. I had a go but i think I went wrong somewhere. So I will revisit this when the videos are up

Old guy Model: Eat 3D

Maya: Desk project: Depth of Field

Playing with depth of field and added a vignette filter

Maya: Arnold SSS

So was playing around with Maya 17 today. Testing some of the new features, such as Arnold. 

Model from Eat 3D

Year 3!

Year 3 has started, and I have an idea in progress!

It's still in a development as its still kind of up in the air. But Phil are I are and will be talking/ emailing to figure out the concept and so forth. 
But here are some insperation that Phil showed me 

Resit: Maya toolkit submission

Texturing Part 6: Head Texturing

So everything was going fine... until I had to export the head model into mud box. It was there that I realised that I have got a few extra vertexs along the back of the head. I can't just delete them as I have my weights attached to them. 

Mud box wouldn't let me continue until i got them fixed :/

Texturing Part 5: Head Base Colours / Sub Surface Scattering