Colour designs

So here are some more colour concepts. I've tried to keep them as close as possable to what kinda clothes I wear, and also hair colour I have had in the past. I have left the patches blank at the moment as I'm unsure on how to fill them. Do I actually uses the patches that I have on my jacket or should i just make them block colours to fit the design.

Not sure which one is the best so would love some feed back :)


  1. would help if they were numbered! I like yellow sleeve Hannah, white boots Hannah, and the plain black one too. One thought I had was the 'plain black Hannah' might mean that the patches are given visual prominence? In terms of 'how detailed' they should be as elements, yes, I think they should derive from the real patches - it's a documentary after all :)

  2. Ah sorry Phil, I have posted another colour desings post with the comments i got back. Would love if I could have your opinion please :)

    I have put numbers on that one :)


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