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Ribbon Spine Help - Fixed

So I'm skinning my character and I have come across this small problem. I think I must of con something while putting together the ribbon spine. can anyone tell me how to fix this? or is it a case of deleting the history and redo the points and constraints again ?

So What I did in the end was rebuild the ribbon spine and imported it in, I must have connected the upper hair follicle to the lower locator or something silly like that. but all working fine now.

Uv Maps

Uv Maps are all done for my character. My Maya has had an update and did get rid of the old UV menu bar, so I had to do some research into what was new, got the hang of it pretty quickly, but didn't try the new features such as the 3D UV mapping. Really starting to come together, And will start skinning tomorrow

Waist Coat Update

So I have reworked the collar, as I was unhappy with the way it looked. In the end, I rebuilt the collar and then extruded the mesh and the deleted the faces I didn't need. I think it looks much better than the previous one I made 

This was the original collar.