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Film Update

Film is slowly coming together. Lighting is looking great, and so glad to get rid of that horrible room colour! 

Business Cards Final edit

Final designs for my business cards left out some of my details for the moment. But they are looking ,much better than before!

Business Cards: Part 2

Feedback would be appreciated! So got the image of my character and was just wondering what would look best. I think I prefer the image on a white background, and being horizontal

Business Cards

So been looking at some business card designs, as I'm in the middle of doing my own. Here are a few artists cards that I picked up at tattoo convention last year. Seems that most of them have an image or logo on one side and the details on the other.

So far this is what I have come up with, just need to grab an image from uni for the other side. I've blocked out some details for the time being.