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Head Modeling... Part 4

So still need to figure out the hair, but in the mean time. I was advised to start on some glasses and to put on a texture so I could then find out if my model looks okay and what needs editing.

The images above are the out come with the texture on. At the moment my model looks slightly angry... I did go back into the texture and move the eyes and the eyebrows slightly so thet would bend better on the model. But I might have to make some tweeks to the designs and make the eyebrows more cerved. I still have got to do the final 2D expressons so they are then ready to go on when rigging. At the moment I have just used the expressions I made, and popped them on the texture map.

Head Model...Part 3

So I now have a neck and stared sculpting the hair. I've just started with a basic shape for the hair as I didn't wanna complicate to quickly. But know I have the shape I can start to mold it into the hair that I've desinged

Head Model... Part 2!

So got ears and a nose now! Starting to take shape. Next step hair and glasses!

Head and ear Modeling

So started modeling the head and the one thing I was a bit concerned about how to do ears... as I've not ever done them before... So I looked at some tutorials on youtube, where I started off with a cube and then manipulated it into an ear. Don't think it looks too bad to be honest, I would prob want it slightly more simple... but I see how it looks when I have got some hair and glasses on.
I'm also hoping the rest of the mesh looks okay, I know its not mirrored right at the moment as some of the points at the back gather up, but its just to see if it looks okay.