New Blog New Couse!

Hi Guys

So this is the start of my animation/ cg arts blog for uni. Very excited and can't wait to start the course!
I will be starting this blog off with my summer project, and will be keeping this posted with my work that I create.


  1. Hey Hannah :)

    Welcome to the beginning of the beginning! Nice to have you on board :)

  2. Oh, and you'll find your course mate, Deanna, here : / Go say hi :)

    I'll be sharing new blogs and introducing everyone as I get more, so watch this space!

  3. Hey Hannah!
    I'm Charlie and I am one of the many second years, It's nice to see new people joining the community.

  4. Hello! Another second year here! Can't wait to see your summer work c:

  5. Hey, I'm Tom. I'm new to the course!! :)

  6. Hi Hannah! Welcome to CAA :D I am also Hannah and I'm just about to start my 3rd year, if you need help with anything, feel free to drop me a comment on my blog Looking forward to meeting you!


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