Summer project: concept drawings 1-11

For the summer project we have to create 101 concept drawings of a group of a objects. While putimg them into 3 categories, structure, life forms and machines. Then develop 3 of them, but I'll get to that bit later.
I am using a sketch book for this project as my computer has yet to arrive as well as my scanner. So will be uploading photos and posts by phone.
So this is the first set of  concept drawings I have created. I decided that in order to get some inspiration for shapes started creating silhouettes of the objects, by tracing and drawing the objects. I've also started to merge some of the objects together (10&11). I really want to merge more objects together and playing around with proportion to create more ideas.
I will now start to create slightly more detailed drawings in one of the categories that I mentioned above.


  1. Hi there Hannah! I'm starting in September too ^_^ A nice start here, I look forward to meeting you ~

  2. Hiya, I'm Deanna and I'll also be starting in September...nice to meet you ^_^


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