Travelogue Draft Part 2

Continued my travelogue. Only 300 words left to do. And I still haven't got a name yet..

Where is the city

Before you reach the hidden city of ______ you will need to pass through the long grass meadows, where the grass sways in the breeze and soft against your skin. You will then come across the murky forest with trees as high as the clouds and where dark mythical creatures come out at night.
When you finally reach the city you are greeted by large silver gates decorated stones and crystals that resemble knots and patterns. The gates stand as tall as the trees and stand guard of the city, but is it trying to keep the people in, or the creatures of the night out.
There is only one way in to the city and that is through the front gates. Even getting into the city is hard as they will only let in the market traders and a few visitors. The city will barley advertise if there is a place going, it’s like they only want the people that live there to stay.

What’s in the city

When entering _______ you are greeted with tall buildings that look very similar to the gates. The buildings look more of a shiny material, similar to silver and gold, rather than bricks or wood. Each of the buildings also have their own distinctive look to them, some are encrusted with stones while overs have enamelled forms on them. So building looks the same.
As you walk through ______ cobbled streets they are full of life and laughter, with markets selling wonderful goods such as exotic food and fine fabrics. You can see the street performers showing their magic and tricks to the children and people going about their daily lives. As you pass through the ongoing markets you will reach a clock tower. This is no ordinary clock tower though, it stands above the other buildings and seems to be as tall as the gates. This is the centre of the city. The clock tower is more reflective than the rest of the city, like it’s been polished very day ever since the city was built. When looking up at the clock tower you can see embossed symmetrical patterns going up ether side until the top. Around the clock face the pattern seems more elaborate than the rest the pattern. The face it’s self stands out amount the surface of the tower, the face is also enameled and looks across the whole city. As if it was the eye watching over the city.

Who lives there

The people that live in ____ look like they have everything they need to live a comfortable life, even the poor don’t seem poor in this city. Woman dress in fine clothing and big feather hats, gentlemen dressed in three piece suits which matched the enameled colors of the city. And everyone looks the same, the only people who look different are city traders as they come and go from the city. It’s like they are clones of each other. Doing the same things every day.
I don’t think any of the people that live in ____ have ever left the city to see the outside world. Are they afraid to leave the city or are they not allowed to leave?

How do people get around?

The people of _____ will mainly walk around the city, due to the cobbled roads being too bumpy in the cars. But a few will go around in cars which look like they have been built by hand or at least a kit car. It’s mainly the men of the city who drives them, as the woman of the city find it un-lady like to do a man’s job. The men will go around with googles and hat on as if they are driving through every weather possible.  The traders of the city are the only others with a mode of transport, which is a horse and cart to carry their goods and supplies to and from cities.

When the sun goes down

When the sun sets in the evening it will bounce of every building and turn the gold and silver buildings into a corral sea. The clock tower looked the grandest of them all again. It not only reflected the colors of the sunset but also the sun itself. Giving the streets extra light for the people to enjoy the evening. 

(707 words)


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