Travelogue draft

So this is he start of my travelogue for my city. I have yet to come up with a name for it yet so I have just left them blank. I have included titles as well to help me structure my travelogue.

Where is the city

Before you reach the hidden city of ______ you will need to pass through the long grass meadows, where the grass sways in the breeze and soft against your skin. You will then come across the murky forest with trees as high as the clouds and where dark mythical creatures come out at night. When you finally reach the city you are greeted by large silver gates decorated stones and crystals that resemble the Celtic knots and pattens. The gates stand as tall as the trees and stand guard of the city, but is it trying to keep the people in, or the creatures of the night out.

What’s in the city

When entering _______ you are greeted with tall buildings that made of a more reflective material, similar to silver, rather than bricks or wood. they look very similar to the gate, as they have all stones and gems on the front of each of the buildings

Who lives there

how do people get around and etc...

When the sun goes down 

(154 words... so far)


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