Structure final form

I know I have still got to finish my 101 sketches, I thought I would start on the final forms. Well when I said start I actually managed to finish some. So bellow are my structure final forms. 
I chose design 38, as it looked the most interesting in my mind. And I felt I could really play around with the design and colors to get a different effect.

Front view 
When looking at the front view of my drawing, it reminded me of something that you would find in a wasteland in years to come. With that I used colors to give the effect of rested metal, and dirty glass.

Side view
When doing the side view I thought about what would the structure be for. And because it has a tunnel going through the middle that it could become a bridge over a canyon..

Top view
Instead of doing another side or back view, which would of been the same or similar  I did the top of the structure.