The Battle Jacket

I have done a piece of creative writing to start getting ideas flowing, about my battle jacket. What it means to me, and also looked at the relationship I have with it.

 Battle Jacket

The rock and metal community are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Festivals and gigs are the obvious place to find us. Our battle jackets are like a piece of armor that identifies us as part of that army. It’s like a football fan wearing their team colours. We’re like an army of warriors – it’s us against the world!

My battle jacket is a black denim waist coat with silver buttons down the front and on the chest pockets. Each patch on my jacket is a band who’s influenced my taste in music.

When I wear my jacket, I’m part of something. I may get some strange looks, but this is like someone wearing their Michael Kors handbag or Gucci.

My battle jacket was only born this year – so it’s only at the start of its life.  I started seeing them at festivals and it made me want to design by own. Everyone looked amazing. There was one guy who had a trench coat covered in patches. It was a like a cape, the way it flowed out behind him.

When I’m at a gig or festival, I to feel love the vibe that I get from how loud the music is. The music hits me like pins and needles all over, as the vibrations go through my body. Which gives me almost an adrenaline rush. Hearing the guitar solo live, as if it’s the first time you heard that song. The beat of the drum which just automatically moves your body to the beat. The song that you would just sing or even scream your heart out too because it has meaning to you, or could be just a great song!

A music festival is where you can go to escape reality and live like tomorrow doesn’t exist, people from all backgrounds just coming together to enjoy and celebrate music. When I’m off to see my favorite band and I’ve got my jacket on and I’m all rocked out, I’m a more confident version of myself who isn’t afraid to stand out. My battle jacket makes me feel like a bad ass!

It's me!!