Proposal for Minor/ Major

So over the last few weeks, I have been working on bits for my minor/ major project (which shall be posted shortly).
My project will be based on my relationship with music, and will hopefully be made into a interview style animation, where myself will be interviewed.
The whole idea come from how I spoke about rock/ metal and the festival and gigs I attend, how we are a big family. Phil also loved the idea of my battle jacket, and thought it would be interesting to use this in my project. 


What I love about the rock/ metal community, especially at festivals (like Download fest), we are all friends, almost family. Each year I meet new people from all walks of life, and we come together to celebrate music

Download 2016

Download 2017

Download 2017

I've seen these videos from StoryCorps and also Blank on Blank which will have influence on my project. As I will animate over the top of my interview.

I actually really like the Kurt Cobain, and a few other of the Blank and Blank who interview music artists, as they will use the music in the background which fills in the gaps. I would like to look into this to see if I can also use music in my project.