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Acting: Week Five

Today's class, we were looking at more expressions via our body language, so how would an angry walk look compared to someone seeing a friend who they haven't seen in a while.  We also looked at some more improvisation performances, and how we walked/ acted would affect the performance of this 

Adaptation B: More Body Shapes

So after talking with Alan about the the next step for me. I went away an collected a bunch of images, of which are of different body shapes for me to study. I will then take this collection of images and then start to play around with them in Photoshop, to get an idea when I'm sculpting the body in Maya.

Here are the first lot of concept bits which I will then take into Maya. So far I have looked at the waist size and bust size.

Acting: Week Four

In today's session we looked at improvised and instant acting. These exercises helped us come up with unusual scenarios and situations, which we would then have to go with and then work on as well.
These kind of skills can help us in the future story writing.