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Adaptation B: Progress!

So after having the pitch and thinking over the last few days about where my project is heading. At this point it looks like I'm not going to be creating a short animation lip sync, which was my over all aim for this project. But instead, to create a series of models which have all been effected from survey results found online.

What I mean by effected is after finding the results from these surveys, I will some how enter this into the model, which will cause an affect. I will use just a generic model, from which I downloaded from online (Link found here). I've got to know what parts of the model I will change, due the results I find. I will then talk to Alan about the best way for me to rigging is, as he explained that it would be something I haven't done before, due to having parts of the model will expand and such.

I would like to think of these to be like the modern day Greek statue, which were made out of marble. with models that could or couldn't be possible in …

Acting: Week Three

In week three we looked at the idea of status within a role. Being a different status would mean you would totally act different. A lower status would be much more to themselves and very quiet, while a higher status would be more confident and possibly snobby, depending on the character being portrayed. 
Unfortunately the picture I had for this session was really bury. Sorry!!

Adaptation B: Pitch

Acting: Week Two

So I started acting on the second week, due to illness on the first week. But i had a really fun experience while doing so, and looking forward for the ones to come.

This week we performed to each other acting out our morning routines and trying to decipher each others actions. 

Adaptation B: Survey!!

Adaptation B: Faces and Hair 2

So I have been cropping and pasting faces and hair to use in my questionnaire.

And I have created a slide show of my questions as an example to ask people. I will also look at putting online as well as I can share it out on social media, which should help me get more responses.

Questions by Hannah Bob Kubias on Scribd

Adaptation B: Faces and Hair

So after buying some fashion magazines and going through each one, trying to find a verity of different faces and hair styles, which I then scanned in. I was trying to look for shots where the model was facing the camera, as they would be better to work with them side on shots. 
My next job now is to cut apart these magazines to get a range of faces and hairs, in which people can then pick from, to create their perfect women. 
These are just a few pages I have 

Adaptation B: Body Shapes 2

Just Created a really simple drawing, in which I hope to put in the questionnaire.

I have left out arms, legs and head as I want people to look at the body shape they prefer. Also by doing this it limits their choices, but I will but in an other option as well. 
Below I've just separated them to make it easier to put into a online survey

Adaptation B: Body Types research

As body types/ shapes will be included in my questionnaire, I thought it would be important to find some of the most popular shapes. When googling and researching I found loads of pictures like this.

Everyone has a different figure and hat what make us all individual, no one is the same. But when if comes to seeing models in the magazines, and the girls on T.V. It can them make it seem like they are the perfect women. Who always looks good in what ever she wears, While making people who don't look like this, could be judging themselves and how they look

Above is a Victoria Secret advertisement, all the girls there just look similar to one another. Tall, slim, long hair, and are classed as beautiful in their own way.  But Dove did an advertisement which was their real beauty campaign. And they were using women with a more realistic body types.

To me this is a much more positive advertisement which encourages us to love our body no matter on size or shape.  

Adaptation B: Questionnaire planing

So for my project I will have to get peoples perfect images of women, and that will requires people's thoughts and ideas of what that is.
I can do this in two ways. One will be to collect images and go round and ask people to construct this image, with bits of images. Or a questionnaire with a selection of images to choose from and an option for them to also put anything else.
I feel like the questionnaire would be a great way in getting information from people quickly. And then I can create these ideas.

I will start collecting images from magazines and then from online to use in this questionnaire.
Some of the things in the questionnaire will include preference to body types, hair type, hair color, ethnicity, etc...

So first things first I need to create this questionnaire.


So on the 27th of February till the 3rd of March, I went off to Rome with CAA!
We all had a great time and here are some of the photos from this amazing trip.