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Adaptation B: Alternative Body Image

I found these two videos about alternative beauty which I thought were quite interesting to my project.
The first one looks at the Korean Beauty, and the second video looks at Grace Neutral's idea of beauty

Adaptation B Idea!

So I finally have an idea for my adaptation B project!!
The project will be based on the adaptation of peoples perception of the perfect body image.
I will do this by asking people to create a perfect their perfect body in the form of collage, and possible other mediums. This will create a distorted image which I will then adapt.
Some of the artists I could look at are Hannah Hoch, Barbara Kruger, and Cindy Sherman, who are all conceptual artists and have a running theme of body image in their work.

I will then take the perfect body images that people have created and adapt them into a 3D character.
I would also like to be able to lip sync this to a voice clip of someone talking about body image, but in the time frame I have I don't know how possible that will be.

Critical Perspectives: Dissertation Proposal OGR

Adaptation B: More idea research

After my last tutorial, I was asked to look and summarize my points about representations of women and ideal body type, and look at points that have been made.

I also spoke to Phil about my project, so he could give me some references to some artists and useful examples to look at. Such as:
Jenny Saville
Barbara Kruger
Cindy Sherman  

Phil also suggested to find some existing pieces of text, as i don't really have that yet and also look into:
Body Dystonia
Documentary evidence
Men describing women
Adapting rude doodles/ Pornographic graffiti doodles

While researching I have came across some some articles on the topic which could influence me further

This is what the ‘perfect’ woman's body looks like
This article looks at a study done by an artist, Nickolay Lamm, who designed a 3D image of what men thought would be the perfect women.

The same artist also posted this post about Barbie too
What Would Barbie Look Like As an Average Woman? 

What does the '…

Adaptation A: A Beginners Guide to your first Rock Festival Info-graphic Submission


Adaptation A: Text test 3


Adaptation A: Test intro 2


Adaptation A: Text test


Adaptation A: Intro Test


Adaptation A: Sound

As I have decided there wont be any voice over in my info-graphic, i need to fins music that will help the animation. So been looking around the web for some Royalty free music. and here what I found

So here are some of the tracks I found that would hopefully go with my info-graphic.
I think i like the last one best, just as the sound quality is good and is more of an up beat sound over the others

Adaptation A: Action Script

I just put together a script, just to sort out my points and create a script.
The bits in bold are Like the main points, and the points that follow are sub points. 

A Beginners Guide to Your First Rock Festival - Action Script by Hannah Bob Kubias on Scribd

Adaptation A: Character ideas

So I wanted a main character in my info-graphic, and i came up with a few ideas.

After flowing the tutorial the other day with the rig, i started to look at using the creating my own models in the style.

So I tried using a front view of the model and didn't really look right, so went and created a angled, which look much better. so I created a male and female character, from which I could then take and change to create other characters.

Adaptation A: Rig test

So For my info-graphic i wanted to have like some stick men figures in there doing some stuff in the animation. So i began to research how to build a rig in after effects to make this happen.

So I came across a video and followed it so I could make a rig/ guy in after effects.

So I started to create a guy in illustrator, very simple and basic.  

Put all of his body parts on to different layers, this is so I can take it into after effects and create the rig and join him all together. The black dots are just there for reference at this point for the joints. when doing this later, i will make those invisible/ turn off the layer. 

Here he is in After Effects. I am having trouble with how do I key frame this to make a short animation of him moving, but will have to do some more research/ try a different way of rigging him  

I did install the Duik Plug in to help with this, which is available here:

Dissertation Proposel Presentation

Adaptation A: Stage Ides

This is the main stage at Download Festival 2016 (picture taken by myself)

Some more imaginative stage sets below that are more designed for DJ sets rather than rock concerts

Adaption A: text examples

So for my  beginners guide to a rock festival info-graphic, I need to look at some different font ideas to use.
As when me an Alan spoke about the text, he suggested that I use a band logo text, with a distressed look.

So I found a few of the fonts on DaFont, which let me create the stylized text. I have also used a few of the bands logos that either include distorted/ distressed looks to help stylized my text.

My next task is to now pick a font to use and give it more of a distressed look.

Font sites (kiss) (Aerosmith) (Ac Dc) (slayer )

Adaptation B ideas

So after talking to Alan about my uncertain ideas for my project, he suggested that I look at what things I'm interested in or issues that I'm interested in.
We did speak about how I could create something for girl guiding, similar to an info-graphic, as I have been a member of that community since I was young. But I feel like there are  other issues that I am more passionate about.

For instance I feel quite strongly about how have been, and still are being represented todays day and age, and also in different mediums (Print, media, games and film etc..)
I know I defiantly have a strong feeling about how especially women are being presented to an audience and how this effects people, and could see this as a possible for my Adaptation B project.

I could see this idea being presented in a few ways, for instance a short animation about how the representation of women have changed over a set time line. Here I can create a series of characters which represent different time eras.