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Maya max

Testing out the Slash/ head banging pose

Character: Creature Design


Enviroment low poly influences and thumbnails

This is my first go at the low poly style drawing for the landscapes. The edges aren't as clean and straight as I want them to be. But I was just trying this out.
I did also try adding some colour to these drawings but thought it made them look a bit messy

- Hannah

Giant Steps OGR

Environments influences

So been looking at environments for some inspiration for our animation. Was looking into places on earth which are almost unreal.  I collected these images as I really like the colours, textures and shapes of these environments.

Character: Science Fiction Middle Ages


Maya Max

This is my guitar Max pose.  Managed to do three other poses rather then the two that Alan asked for, but it didn't feel right leaving the third pose as the last. 

Character: Dystopian Future


Film Review: Shrek (2001), A Hero's Journey

Directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, Shrek (2001) is an American computer animated fantasy comedy film. The film is based partly on the books by William Steig, Shrek! (1990), which were about repugnant and monstrous ogre. Shrek is somewhat of a parody film, as it has included characters fairy tales (of which have been adapted)within the story, such as Sleeping Beauty, the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio and the Three Little Pigs.

The four main characters are;

Shrek: a lonely misjudged ogre who lives in a swamp and is feared by everyone but Donkey. Shrek is care free with no worries, but a bad temper. In the film Shrek's world is the swamp, which provides him with his survival needs.  Donkey: an optimistic talking donkey, who just wants a friend.Lord Farquad: the short, greedy lord of Dulock who wants to become King, and get rid of all the fairy tale creatures.Princess Fiona: a princess that is locked up in a tower and guarded by a dragon, due to her mysterious …

Group Project: Research 2

When speaking to Alan about the characters that we could have in our animation, I instantly thought of this scene from Toy Story 3. Even though the age range in this scene are toddlers, and we are looking at children who would be slightly older or our animation, I thought it showed really good characteristics of how toddlers are

Group Project: Research

So as our animation will more than likely to have a space element to it I've stared having a look around on the internet for ideally what kids think of space. Trying to gain some information on how they see outer space and how it could shape our animation.

But came across kids programs which all show different looking in environments and styles.

Also found some really good animation shorts which could help with with our characters even though we might aim for slightly less realistic. 

Good for enviroments

Taking Flight, (below) I really enjoyed. It has a very similar concept to our animation idea. Really like how they flick between imagination and reality.

My Roles

So as part of the group project we had to assign roles to our self's, Here are the ones I chose.

Art Director:

Realise the production designers creative vision for the sets.Project managing the art department. Which means i am responsible for the graphic designers, story board artists, and model makers in the group.This role starts when I receive the script and the final schedule detailing the shooting order of the scenes. But might have to start sooner  Graphic Designer: Design visual messages for the product.I mainly have to work with the marketing manager and liaise with the production designer. Researcher: Help develop ideas, drawing on knowledge and understanding on industry requirements and present findings to decision makers.Checking facts and briefing writers who write scripts. Media Planner:  Planning on which media channels should  be used for a clients campaign.Researching and analyzing the clients target audience and best ways to reach them.presenting plans to the client …

Critical Perspectives: Kill Bill and Post Modernism

Kill Bill (2003) was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, is a film based on Uma Thurmans character (The Bride) and how she seeks revenge on the people that killed her family and almost her. The film has managed to fit together different types of styles, to create this one of a kind film. We can see already from the plot that it is simplistic, which gives us an idea that it could be post-modern.
When looking at how the film is a good post modern example, is because of the amount of inter-textual reference. Tarantino includes aspects from many different genres including, Japanese Cinema, horror, action, and also references to his other films.  Tarantino's main inspiration for the film was Lady Snowblood (1973) and copies a lot of shots from the film. As well as Japanese Films, Tarantino also uses aspects from Western films as he does also in some of his other films like Inglorious Bastards (2009).

The animated scene is a interesting scene and could be considered post- modern,…

What is Genre??

We normally think of films in terms of their genre, which is a set of characteristics that we recognize. The audience will recognize genres by their narratives or themes, and also by their characters, certain stylistic elements such as lights and camera style, and iconography (which is the visual language described in film and television).

Some of the main genres are action, adventure, comedies, horror, and science fiction. There are plenty more film genres as you also have film sub-genres and also major film categories which would include animation, classic films, documentary and so on.

Horror is a good example of a genre, showing particulate characteristics with in the film. This genre is seeking to trigger a negative emotional reaction from the viewers, by playing on primal fears. The macabre (the quality of having a grim or ghastly atmosphere. Macabre emphasize the details and symbols of death) and supernatural are regular themes, and may also overlap with fantasy, supernatural fi…

Character: Vampire Popstar