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CG Artists Toolkit - Animation Submission


CG Artists Toolkit - Maya Tutorial Submission

Intro To Maya



Texture - Common Shaders

UV Layout

One, Two, and Three Point Lighting

Batch Rendering

Animating In 3D Software

Using Rigs

Using Motion Paths

Using MEL

Dynamic Chain Link

Modelling Digital Sets

Modelling Digital Sets -Part 1 - Finished model and Uv

Lighting And Rendering

Lighting And Rendering 1 - Midday

Texturing And Shading

Networks - Double Sided Shader

Networks - Double Sided Shader (X-Ray Shader)

Networks - Rim Light Shader

Networks (Reflectivity)

Tileable Textures - Part 1

Tileable Textures - Part 2

Substance Materials

Info Node/Maya Fur/Santa Hat


The Bouncing Ball Part 1 - On The Spot

The Bouncing Ball Part 2 - With Travel And Rotation

Pendulum Swing

Chain - Secondary Action & Overlap

Toadstool - Squash and Stretch

Arm - Anticipation & Follow Through

Felix Jnr Rig - Using Felix

Walk Cycles - Mechanics

Pre Vis

Pan Shot

Roll Shot

Pitch Shot

Dolly Shot

Crane Shot

Distance Shot


Camera Shake

Contra Zoom Shot

Modelling (HS And Organic)

Hard Surface Mo…

CG Artists Toolkit - Drawing Submission

Life Drawing


Maya: Biped Rigging