Resit: Maya toolkit submission

Pipeline 1

Pipeline 1: Skinning

Resit: Blending the Upper Body

Resit: Blending the Lower Body

Resit: Adding Pose Space Deformers Upper Body

Resit: Adding Pose Space Deformers Lower Body

Pipeline 1: Rigging 

Resit: Part 1: Feet & Legs

Resit: Part 2: IK / FK Spine

Resit: Part 3: Arms & Fingers

Resit: Part 4: Colours & Restrictions

Pipeline 1: Facial Rigging Part one 

Resit: Part 1: Creating a Head Skeleton & Binding

Resit: Part 2: Creating Head Controls & An Eye Look Rig

Resit: Part 3: Creating a Flexible Mouth Rig 1

Resit: Part 4: Creating a Flexible Mouth Rig 2

Resit: Part 5: Creating a Flexible Mouth Rig 3

Pipeline 1: Facial Rigging Part 2

Resit: Part 6: Adding Teeth & A Tongue 

Resit: Part 7: Lateral Mouth Movement Part 1

Resit: Part 8: Lateral Mouth Movement Part 2

Resit: Part 9: Adding Cheek Thinning

Pipeline 1: Facial Rigging Part 3

Resit: Part 10: Adding Extra Face Movement

Resit: Part 11: Adding a Blink

Resit: Part 12: Brow Movement and  Part 13: Cleaning Up the Scene

Pipeline 1: Texturing

Resit: Part 1: High & Low Res Modelling for Normal Maps

Resit: Part 2: Baking Normal Maps

Resit: Part 3: Rivets

Resit: Part 4: Body Base Colours

Resit: Part 5: Head Base Colours / Sub Surface Scattering

Resit: Part 6: Head Texturing

Lighting and Rendering 


  1. Hey you :)

    So, in regards to our discussion earlier today!

    Short version: an animated film isn't the same as an 'animated short' - 'film' can mean something 'non-narrative', so more like documentary or a 'moment', wherein animation is used to bring out a quality or a feeling that another medium would struggle to achieve. I don't want you to think about 'the end result in Maya or whatever' at this stage - I just want you to think about developing an idea that is strong and that you can identify and connect with - this is our first job, and the rest will follow - but as I said, you need to commit some quality time to this process, otherwise the whole thing will feel 'nothing-y' and like you're not achieving anything. I look forward to your 'things I would save from a fire' list - and I want it tonight! :)


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