Reflective statement

So how did was the project... honestly.. I could of done so much better than what I did. I feel like I lost interest in the project very quickly. I found it hard to get the motivation I needed. I don't know if this is due to my personal problems or problems with the project overall, might have been both. I know if I had started the right after the pitch, I would of have more than what I had.

I would like to say though that changing/ modelling realistic blend shapes, and make multiples, did take its time, as I did have to try and keep them looking as realistic as possible. I didn't feel that I showed this well. But I also didn't want to show 20 slides of different models that have been edited.

The one thing to take away is that both Phil and Alan are hopefully willing to help me overcome my problems and succeed in future projects.

I would also like to set myself a challenge over the summer break. which would to be to build a character or something, as I feel like I missed out by not actually doing this for my project.


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