Model update! Rigg

So I have created a rig for my model, as I would like it to be in position or be able to pose. I have followed the human skeleton structure to be able to get the most realistic as possible rig for the moment, and have also included a ribbon spine. Still need to add in ik's and controls.

As I have already done the blend shapes, I don't know if I will be able to attach it successfully to the model. So lesson learnt

Switches to come!


  1. Hi Hannah -There are a number of these 'body building' apps out there which allow you to build bodies (games, CGI etc). As part of your presentation it would be good to include a few of those to discuss what is right and wrong about them from a women's / cultural point of view. It would help you at least support your argument. For example,

    In Maya, go to the 'Generate' menu (Under the Modelling menu set) and then 'Create Character'. Sign up to Autodesk (or use your login). In this online app you can create characters (games style) and download them (or at least the free ones). However, take a look at the slider based 'body' scultping section.

    Try to compare your interface and existing ones to ascertain what yours represents. I'm sure you know that in essence but it would good to put yours in context in the presentation.

  2. Also - Take a look at the link below. Hopefully you have the 'marble / statue' shader from Simon. Whilst you may not need to render out wireframes for your project (not your model etc) you could render out some versions of your model that represent 'choices'. In the video below I go over how to set up a posed turnaround render. You could put three posed / modified models on one page (side by side).


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