Adaptation B: Progress!

So after having the pitch and thinking over the last few days about where my project is heading. At this point it looks like I'm not going to be creating a short animation lip sync, which was my over all aim for this project. But instead, to create a series of models which have all been effected from survey results found online.

What I mean by effected is after finding the results from these surveys, I will some how enter this into the model, which will cause an affect. I will use just a generic model, from which I downloaded from online (Link found here). I've got to know what parts of the model I will change, due the results I find. I will then talk to Alan about the best way for me to rigging is, as he explained that it would be something I haven't done before, due to having parts of the model will expand and such.

I would like to think of these to be like the modern day Greek statue, which were made out of marble. with models that could or couldn't be possible in reality.

I will leave the model in its standing generic pose rather as at this point they would be considered more as like a series of test sculptures rather then being finished pieces. But if i wanted to i could then go on and develop this project throughout year 3.

Model Link:


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