Adaptation B: Body Types research

As body types/ shapes will be included in my questionnaire, I thought it would be important to find some of the most popular shapes. When googling and researching I found loads of pictures like this.

Everyone has a different figure and hat what make us all individual, no one is the same. But when if comes to seeing models in the magazines, and the girls on T.V. It can them make it seem like they are the perfect women. Who always looks good in what ever she wears, While making people who don't look like this, could be judging themselves and how they look

Above is a Victoria Secret advertisement, all the girls there just look similar to one another. Tall, slim, long hair, and are classed as beautiful in their own way. 
But Dove did an advertisement which was their real beauty campaign. And they were using women with a more realistic body types.

To me this is a much more positive advertisement which encourages us to love our body no matter on size or shape.  


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