Adaptation A: Rig test

So For my info-graphic i wanted to have like some stick men figures in there doing some stuff in the animation. So i began to research how to build a rig in after effects to make this happen.

So I came across a video and followed it so I could make a rig/ guy in after effects.

So I started to create a guy in illustrator, very simple and basic.  

Put all of his body parts on to different layers, this is so I can take it into after effects and create the rig and join him all together. The black dots are just there for reference at this point for the joints. when doing this later, i will make those invisible/ turn off the layer. 

Here he is in After Effects. I am having trouble with how do I key frame this to make a short animation of him moving, but will have to do some more research/ try a different way of rigging him  

I did install the Duik Plug in to help with this, which is available here:


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