Adaptation B: More idea research

After my last tutorial, I was asked to look and summarize my points about representations of women and ideal body type, and look at points that have been made.

I also spoke to Phil about my project, so he could give me some references to some artists and useful examples to look at. Such as:
Jenny Saville
Barbara Kruger
Cindy Sherman  

Phil also suggested to find some existing pieces of text, as i don't really have that yet and also look into:
Body Dystonia
Documentary evidence
Men describing women
Adapting rude doodles/ Pornographic graffiti doodles

While researching I have came across some some articles on the topic which could influence me further

This is what the ‘perfect’ woman's body looks like
This article looks at a study done by an artist, Nickolay Lamm, who designed a 3D image of what men thought would be the perfect women.

The same artist also posted this post about Barbie too
What Would Barbie Look Like As an Average Woman? 

What does the 'ideal' woman look like across the globe?
This article looks at what the ideal body shape/ look is for different countries. I've seen this done a few times before. But it's interesting in seeing what would be considered the ideal image and how they are all different.


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