Adaptation B ideas

So after talking to Alan about my uncertain ideas for my project, he suggested that I look at what things I'm interested in or issues that I'm interested in.
We did speak about how I could create something for girl guiding, similar to an info-graphic, as I have been a member of that community since I was young. But I feel like there are  other issues that I am more passionate about.

For instance I feel quite strongly about how have been, and still are being represented todays day and age, and also in different mediums (Print, media, games and film etc..)
I know I defiantly have a strong feeling about how especially women are being presented to an audience and how this effects people, and could see this as a possible for my Adaptation B project.

I could see this idea being presented in a few ways, for instance a short animation about how the representation of women have changed over a set time line. Here I can create a series of characters which represent different time eras.

Another idea would be to have an ordinary female character in an animation of the different stages of what goes into having an air brushed image in a magazine.

I know my first ideas was that I wanted to create an environment for my project. But while thinking about it know I feel like it is heading towards a short animation with a character, environments, and a few props.

Here is a collection of images that show how women beauty has changed in the 20th century.

 find it really interesting how much it changed over this time, but would also conciser looking at more fashion trends from different cultures too.


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