Film Review: Documentary - Blackfish (2013)

Documentaries have been around around much longer than mockumentaries. most of the documentaries in the beginning were movement founded and were created in an attempt to persuade peoples thoughts and feelings towards situations.
Narration is a key feature in documentaries, especially in nature documentaries, as this lets people understand facts and whats happening in the scene.
A mockumentaries are likely to characteristics from an already established documentary model. The whole idea of a mockumentary is to basically mock or satire those defining characteristics of a documentary. 

This is an example of a Documentary

Fig 1. Blackfish poster 

Killer whales are amazing beautiful creatures of roaming the ocean and swim for hundreds of miles a day. Even though their beauty makes them look genital and cute, they are smart killers, but have never been recorded of harming humans in the wild.
Blackfish (2013) is an American controversial documentary directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite about the captivity of killer whales, and the dangers it can have on both humans and the whales.

The documentary is mainly focused on the captivity of one whale in particular, Tilikum, who has been involved in several deaths, but also looks at the effects of keeping orcas in captivity and the harm it can do to themselves and others.

As a documentary Blackfish is full of interviews from previous trainers and performers from Seaworld who all talk about their time with the animals and the miss information that Seaworld had given them.
The documentary shows a side of these trainers and also the theme park, that audiences might have never seen. As from personal experience of visiting Seaworld when I was younger, it was all so magical to see these whales performing with the trainers and you would never think about what actually happens behind the scenes. This documentary informs people what actually happens to the animals that leave here.
Blackfish uses footage that has been recorded at past shows where accidents have happened which helps make the whole documentary look worse.

The reason why this is so controversial is because there are those who have also said that the film is a lie and very open based.

This is an interview with another former trainer from sea world who also voices he's opinion on the film and also his side of what he thinks of the film.


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