Critical Perspectives: Two-Part Premise

I was asked to create a two part premise for our critical perspective session. To get ideas for this i will be looking into ideas that I'm interested in, such as: theory's, art, genre, film, etc.. to achieve this.


  • Fantasy
  • Animation 
  • Adventure 
Themes/ Theories 
  • Representations Men/ woman 
  • Gender 
  • Masculinity
  • femininity
  • Roles 
  • Hyper realism 
  • Ideology
  • Mental Illness 
  • violence 
  • LGBT representations
Films/ Games
  • Disney Films Live action/ animation
  • The Hunger Games
  • Tomb Raider - Games and Films
  • Star Wars 
  • DC Films 
  • Marvel 
  • Horizon Zero Dawn (New Game)
Other Things
  • The media 

Just by listing the few points above I can see a that I'm interested in to looking at gender and representations of characters in games or films. 


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