Adaptation Part A - Pitching ideas

So for our next project we have been asked to create an animated info graphic, in which we had to pick a starting sentence for. 
My sentence was...

A Beginner's Guide To ________

Some of the ideas that I have come up with are...

- A beginner's guide to being a student 
- A beginner's guide to becoming a lady 
- A beginner's guide to pulling an all nighter
- A beginner's guide to travelling 
- A beginner's guide to your first festival 
- A beginner's guide to your first heavy metal gig 
- A beginner's guide to being a third wheel
- A beginner's guide to getting over your favourite TV show 
- A beginner's guide to vegan 
- A beginner's guide to your first date 
- A beginner's guide to becoming a hippy 
- A beginner's guide to vaping 
- A beginner's guide to working in retail 


  1. Hi Hannah

    Pitch Feedback

    Having read through you list there are two categories that I think your topics fall into – Firstly the factual (Vegan, vaping, a lady) and secondly the fictional (TV show, all nighter, first date, third wheel). This is important to identify because it may affect your choice. In making something fictional there are no ‘facts’ to follow you will need to be the author of that content and write an evolved / refined script. Making a factual piece means looking at the facts and weighing them up – also making them less ‘dry’ in terms of an exciting infographic. I’d also suggest that this project is short and anything which seems too complex should be dropped quickly. In terms of my top picks from your list I like ‘TV show, and an all nighter’ these are both films I’ve personally not seen before. Finally, when choosing remember that you’re not making an animated short so your frame work (for spoofing) is an infographic format.

  2. Note: Your 'ink splatter' blog background is not doing your work justice. It's generic and distracting. Time to change your blog?


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