Adaptation Part A: Listing points for info-graphic

I have created a list of the points that I have encountered while doing festivals that would be useful to first timers at rock festivals. 

Festival Prep 
  • Your favorite bands are playing at a festival.
  • Research that festival: 
    • what is the festival, what other bands are playing, costs, travel etc..
  • Find some friends to go with.
    • or if your feeling really brave, go on your own!
  • Purchase your ticket.
    • Also look into extras, such as : lockers, toilet upgrades, camping upgrades.
  • Plan travel. 
    • Buy bus/ coach tickets (if not driving ) as they can work out cheaper.
  • Start packing! Pack the essentials that you will need! Such as:
    • Alcohol!
    • Condoms 
    • LOO ROLL (these are life and death)
    • WET WIPES 
    • Clothes 
    • Spending money
    • Food 
    • If you really want, you can take fancy dress too!! (Super heroes, Granny's, Suits, you name it you can wear it).
  • When its time... Start your journey!
    • Get there early as you will have a better chance of getting a better spot for your tent
    • And don't for get your ticket!! 
  • Get in, get your wristband, and find somewhere to camp.
  • Set up before your tent before you get drunk. 
  • Enjoy the festivities 
    • Beer Jousting 
    • Get Married to anything.. (not legally)
    • Air guitar competition
    • Drinking 
    • Make Friends 
    • Music
    • and more Drinking  
  • Portaloo Awareness!!
    • Portaloos will be fine on the first day of arrive 
    • Stay clear of them on the last day... You will learn to hold it... 
  • Sneaking booze into the arena 
    • Now I wouldn't advise this.. but who wants to pay £5 for a pint of 'piss' 
  • Go enjoy the music!!
  • Bare in mind the Mosh pits 
    • Enjoy yourself but watch out for others
    • If you are not one for these then try to stay clear of them.
This list would be too long for my info-graphic and slightly to technical , so I need to look into shorting it down and choosing only the important points to put in.


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