Adaptation Part B: Idea's

So over the last week I have been thinking of what possible ideas I could use for my adaptation project. I would like to do an environment, as I i feel like my environments in Maya for some of my projects have actually not turned out too bad.

So after me an Alan spoke last time when I was struggling to come up with any ideas, he suggested to maybe look at some issues that I am passionate about.

So I have been looking into a few environmental issues such as
- Coral Reef threats/ destruction
- Deforestation
- Climate Change
- People living/ working on rubbish dumps (article -

I have also looked in sacred places of all different cultures or time periods as I'm finding Viking/ Norse culture and history interesting, and would like to look into it more and see if i could make a possible environment out of it.

Such as:
- Pyramids of Giza / Temple of Karnak
- The Tomb Complex of Shi Huangdi/ Terracotta Army
- Cancun Coral reef statues
- Teotihuacan (Aztec temple)
- Pegan (Myanmar Temple)
- Wat Phra Keo (Thailand Temple)

Norse mythology Places
- Asgard
- Valhalla


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