My Roles

So as part of the group project we had to assign roles to our self's, Here are the ones I chose.

Art Director:

  • Realise the production designers creative vision for the sets.
  • Project managing the art department. Which means i am responsible for the graphic designers, story board artists, and model makers in the group.
  • This role starts when I receive the script and the final schedule detailing the shooting order of the scenes. But might have to start sooner 
Graphic Designer:
  • Design visual messages for the product.
  • I mainly have to work with the marketing manager and liaise with the production designer.
  • Help develop ideas, drawing on knowledge and understanding on industry requirements and present findings to decision makers.
  • Checking facts and briefing writers who write scripts.
Media Planner: 
  • Planning on which media channels should  be used for a clients campaign.
  • Researching and analyzing the clients target audience and best ways to reach them.
  • presenting plans to the client and keeping the client up to date with progress.
Texture Artist:
  • Responsible for the creation of textures, colors and organic surfaces qualities for organic surfaces, that would be used in production.
  • Work closely with CG Modelers, the Art Director and Production Designer throughout the production. 
Concept Artist:
  • Producing the illustrations that help Production Designers realise their vision. 
  • Working closely to the Art Director and Production Designer.
  • Present work to the Producer, Director and Visual Effects co-ordinator.


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