New Influence Maps

So I though really hard about whats actually going on in my animation and I have come down to this idea. 

So the body is this temple, an untouched forest, until it then becomes transmitted with HIV. This untouched landscape then transforms into a nightmare. The trees which represent the cells turn from lush green to HIV infected cells, which are gross.

I do want it to have like a fear factor to it as even though you can still live a happy life with HIV, its also what it could do to you, and lead to death.

So I have a collection of images which i choose to refer back to. I still need to think about the style of my animation, like if i want it low polly, detailed, or painted. I would love to do a low polly animation but at the same time i want it to be detailed and painted .

Soon to come, new and improved concept art also style map.


  1. This idea seems really interesting Hannah :) Reading through your overall "body is a temple" with lush forests that get transformed/tainted by the HIV really made me think of the 2nd Uncharted game: Among Thieves. I think some of the forest/jungle environments would be really helpful for you to look at from that, and also from the game, when the tree of life is reached, the sap and the monsters in this part of the story I think would be good for you to get some inspiration from for the HIV infection :)


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