Improved Concept @Phil

So After talking with Phil I have narrowed down my concept and hopefully improved it.

So I'm still sticking with the forest idea, but has developed slightly. I am also considering having a narrator, to voice whats actually going on in my animation. As I feel it would be quite difficult to understand what actually is going on.

The forest starts off a this healthy landscape, which is lush and full of color. And at the center of this landscape is a huge apple tree which represents the cells of the body.  But it the forest starts to get damaged with the use of drugs.
After using a dirty needle, contaminated with HIV. An apple on the tree then becomes infected with the virus and then starts to spread to the rest of the tree. Like how the cells would inside the body.
As the tree starts to lose life so does the rest of the surroundings, and turns into this nightmare state forest.

It then does to a scene of a clinic, this scene is in a totally different style as the forest with is pale colors and more realistic look. The clinic is a HIV clinic, and shows someone waiting for there results. The narrator would be saying how important it is to check if you HIV, if you are or not a drug user. You should get checked, as there are medications that can help you lead a normal life.

The aim of my concept, is to show how HIV infects/ spreads and how if not treated it can get worse and lead to aids then death.


  1. okay, but I think you should look at your overall visual style for this - I think your forest could be further stylised and less soft and blobby - so:,12/stylized-tree-vector-176612.jpg



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