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So after receiving my feed back from my ogr, I've just got to work on my story some more and make it more fantastical. so i have been thinking of a few ideas and this is what has com up so far:

  •  Deep sea Fisherman falls in to the sea during a trip, and finds a city beneath the waves. But will he stay
  •  During a fishing trip, the deep sea fisherman boat sinks and all he is left with is a small rowing boat and a ladder. Alone for days he finally comes across a train station in the middle of the sea
  • While fishing with his father, both are deep sea fisher men, son falls over board during a storm. and all that keeps him afloat. after the storm passes and he has been floating for hours, he come across a whale station. and travels the sea on a whale to find his way home 

So I'm really liking the 3rd idea, still needs some work though


  1. I like the third idea, Hannah - there's a clear goal - the son reunited with his father - and the idea that the sea sort of looks after him and helps him out gives it a lovely fable-like quality. In terms of the ladder in this instance, it could be made by coral, that join together to create his 'staircase' back to the surface.


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