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  1. OGR 05/11/2015

    Evening Hannah,

    I think Scribd has mucked about with your document as your artist's name has been formatted strangely? Did you save your doc as a PDF before uploading? Saving out as PDF locks your formatting as intended into place.

    So, I've got a couple of observations to make so far: the first is that I think you need to spend much more time actually working with the shapes and motifs of Knox's work, simply because the thumbnails you've produced - in which you've got buildings being ringed by circuler elements - don't say 'Knox' but rather '1950s design' - so not this:


    but this:


    Your little houses look like 1950's sci-fi houses, and it's because you're not looking closely enough at Knox's work and Art Nouveau in general. Everything is a bit more decorative and softened. The Elvish city in LOTR etc. is all based on Art Nouveau stylings, and I think you can see Knox influence everywhere:


    I think you need to think more delicately, and more decoratively - and you need to think a little more about the scale of your city; right now, everything you're drawing seems very diminutive, more like salt and pepper shakers and table-sized objects than actual buildings. You've got the idea of the clock as being at the centre of your city, but I wonder if this if grand enough, unless it's a giant one!

    Personally, I think it might help you if you were to something as simple as take some of Knox's jewellery etc. and turn them into silhouettes, and then think about combining these elements until you start to see some interesting structures emerge. Take a look at Sarah Hall's use of silhouettes as an example:


    I don't think by drawing alone you're going to be able to get that necessary complexity and symmetry.

    Re.your travelogue... hmmm - it feels a bit generic to me, like it could almost be anywhere; is there anything more you can derive from Knox and his own ideas to give your city a bit more personality?


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