Life Drawing

Here are my creations from today's life drawing class. Instead of models, we had a lovely structure that Phil built for us, to break us in to life drawing.
Pen drawing

I first started with a plain A1 page and i started sketching the structure first. And from that I kept adding layers of pen and water to give me this out come. I found this very expressive and feel like I was able to create a striking piece that catches the eye.
Chalk and charcoal

Next task was to use black A1 sugar paper, chalk and charcoal. I'm not a huge fan of chalk, but gave it a go and this was my outcome. Not sure what to think of this one, but its not too bad since I haven't used calk in a while. I kept this one fairly simple as my pen drawing was quite busy.

Our structure
Here's a snap of Phil's structure.


  1. Great stuff :)~ love the style of the first one, that water pen really worked for you!


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