Invisible Cities: Thumbnails part 3

So here are a few more sketches for my invisible cites. I decided that I was going to try drawing in pen as it shows up better when scanning in my images. I feel that my drawings actually look better in pen, so I will be continuing with pens from now.

Some of the best ones from this set would be 10 from Arigia as i managed to create this cave area. And 21 from Despin as I have managed to apply my skills of prospective
 I'm currently working on Diomira and will do some more PhotoShop ones over the weekend.


  1. Awesome stuff! i like #10 and the pov in #15 and #16 :)

  2. I'm really liking #19 and #20, really like the imagery of it being this strange modular shard like city :)


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