So heres my bits from my first animation class, which was an introduction into the software we would be using and what wwe are going to be going over the next few weeks.

I first created a sequence of images to go in a mini Zoetrope. As you can see I have kept it rather simple as I just wanted the illusion to work, rather than adding load of detail and not creating the illusion. So i just stuck with a simple ball sequene.

Zoetrope exercise
So heres a recording of my sequence in action, unfortanly the room was rather dark so you cant really see the design.

Unfortunalty the computers were playing up so I wasnt able to export the actual final video of my animation, so I recoreded it on my phone. This is the digital version of my ball animation. Agian its very simple as I've never used this softwere ether so wasnt really sure what I was doing. But still managed to create a basic animation..


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