Maya.. Modeling EggCup

Today I had my first experience of Autodesk Maya, and was asked to create an egg cup.
My first attempt didn't go to well as I rushed it and got a bit confused.

So my first try...
Test 1
Not really sure what happened here, but i couldn't let it stop me.  

Test 2
So I went home watched the tutorial and spent AGES trying to figure out how to get it right. But I managed it! Nurbs egg cup complete!
Now I have to complete the 3 other egg cups..


  1. Well done Hannah! Perseverance is the name of the game :)

  2. Indeed! Congrats :) 'Slow and steady'

  3. GREAT improvement! Keep it going :D~

  4. Well done on plugging away Hannah, you will surprised at how quick it will slot into place.


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