Digital Painting

Here are the bits I created form today's Photoshop tutorial.
Master Studies exercise 
Started with painting some master studies (mine are on the right). For a first try at doing this, I don't think I did to badly. I just have to get used to creating quick block color images before trying to ad details. I felt I was able to create more painterly images than last time, and I really hope that I improve on these skills. 

Word Stacks 
Next part was to create a word stack of words from a few lines of one of the cites, and think of other words that associate with that. Felt like I could of done better with this, but had a serious case of writers block going on. 
Abstract Brush exercise
Abstract lasso exercise
These two exercises were to get me used to different brushes and  the lasso tool in Photoshop, I had to draw in such a way that described some of the words I came up with. Really like the outcome to these as they have a very expressive feel to them.

Mixed brush and lasso exercise 
After finishing the abstract exercises I went on to mixing the two together. By merging the two ideas together I was able to create images that could possible help me create composition for my later work or even ideas for structures/ building for my project.


  1. love the last drawing (bottom right) on the last sheet - you've created such a strong sense of space and perspective there - with those strings hanging down and that 'water' element on the ground, snaking off towards the vanishing point - and all from just a few visual components!

  2. Hey Hannah,

    Glad to see these. The mixed media stuff is a really good start. I know it can seem a little odd, but it's a really awesome way of generating unique ideas and sparking some unusual design decisions, so I'd recommend more of these.

    Also, great master studies. You could use some darker value in most of them, especially in the foreground, but composition and colour are great. Keep it up.


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