Digital painting

Today I was able to have a go with my wacom tablet and create some digital paintings in Photoshop.
I have never painted like this before so it was a new experience for me. I know that my first attempt wouldn't be a master piece but it will be something I will have to work on over the course. Practice makes perfect as they say!

Test Page
I first did a quick test page to try out my tablet as it was pressure sensitive. So depending how heavy or light I drew it would leave a different effect. Just as if I was using an actual brush and paint.

Black and white 

Started off in black and white and I found this difficult as I wasn't able to find the right shades of color and would get frustrated. But after some guidance I was able to create the picture above, which isn't finished but was an major improvement from the start.
Next up was the color exercise and I actually found this one much easier than the gray scale exercise. I was also finding it much easier to create this painting as I was understanding how the tablet worked and how i was able to transfer my traditional drawing skills to digital.


  1. Well done - great progress; what a productive 'day one!' :)

  2. Beautifully painted. And I like your test page! haha Its good to see a little experimentation in the brushes. And indeed practise makes perfect! Well done Hannah.

  3. Looking good, Hannah! You've done a great job of translating the values from photograph to painting. Now to put those alternate brushes to good use and dial up the texture of the fruit!


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